• Help the poor, and in their need do not send them away empty-handed (Sir 29:9)
  • Whoever loves God must also love his brother (1 John 4:21)
  • Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me (Mk 9:37)
  • Lord, You are the potter, we are the work of Your hands (Isa 64:7)


  • “and she gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.” – Luke2:7 Advent is around the corner, and we are …


    • Choosing to love and prefer the poor

    • Nov 14, 2021 is the World Day of the Poor, and the theme of the Pope Francis’ Message is taken from the story of the anointing of Jesus in Mark 14:3-9. In his Message, the Holy Father interprets the words …

    • Camino de Singapore: The Struggles and Challenges of Caregiving

    • Who is a caregiver? A caregiver is someone who takes on the responsibility of looking after another with health conditions – mental or physical. Caregivers can be close family members, extended family members, friends, or hired help.  There are about …


    • Every year, the world marks World Mental Health Day on Oct 10. The World Federation for Mental Health began this yearly celebration in 1992 to promote awareness and education on mental well-being, as well as advocate against social stigma. This …

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