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Mamre Oaks transparentMamre Oaks’ vision and mission is to empower persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (namely the Special Persons or SPs) to lead lives of meaning, dignity and fulfilment through engaging activities at its day activity centre in Agape Village.

Founded by a group of friends who believe that persons with intellectual
disabilities, the weakest in any society, are gifts from God with their rights to a fulfilling life like anyone else.

Mamre Oaks aim to provide and create an environment where the SPs are welcomed, respected and valued regardless of their disabilities and differences. Being an integral part of the Catholic Church, Mamre Oaks will carry out its businesses according to the Church’s Catholic Social Teachings. Mamre Oaks is founded on Catholic soil and warmly welcomes all regardless of their race and religion.


  • Indoor/outdoor exercise programs that will encourage the Special Persons to remain physically active and fit. Sports related games and competitions will significantly empower the Special Persons.
  • Skilled-based activities through the use of art & craft, independence living, creative works, music and dance.
  • Building of social skills and self-confidence.
  • Specific workshops that address behavior issues, self-defense, sexuality, self-care and finances.
  • Engagement in work-related projects within the compound of Agape Village such as ushers, area cleaning and cafe serving and cleaning, horticulture activities.
  • Time for reflection and quiet meditation.
  • Contracted work projects where possible to help identify and facilitate open employment opportunities for the adults with special needs.
  • Activities to support for the caregivers.

Mamre Oaks Ltd
490 East Coast Road,
St. Patrick’s School, Brothers’ Residence
Singapore 429058


For enquiries, contact Ms. Esther Neo
Telephone:+65 6978 7800
Email: [email protected]

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