Roman Catholic Prison Ministry (RCPM)

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The Roman Catholic Prison Ministry (RCPM) offers spiritual and pastoral support to inmates, ex-offenders, and their families through the administration of the Sacraments, Scripture, and Catechesis to help them know the love and mercy of God, promoting their human and spiritual development.

The Roman Catholic Prison Ministry (RCPM) is a vital component of the Catholic Church's mission to serve the marginalised and the forgotten. By providing a support system to prisoners, ex-offenders, and their families, the RCPM aims to help them reintegrate back into society with hope and dignity. Through its various initiatives, the RCPM fosters a sense of community, spiritual growth, and social rehabilitation. Additionally, the RCPM offers spiritual guidance and counselling, helping individuals find meaning and purpose in their lives. Ultimately, the RCPM's goal is to empower those who have been touched by the criminal justice system to live full and productive lives, with the love and support of the Church.

RCPM engages in the following activities:

  • Eucharistic Celebration / Communion Service
  • Scripture Sharing
  • Faith Exploration, Development & Formation
  • Administering the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation, and Anointing of the Sick & Condemned where allowed.
  • Intercessory Prayer, Inner Healing & Counselling
  • Pastoral Assistance and Concierge for inmates, ex-offenders, and Impacted Families

Communities served


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Infant Jesus Homes & Children’s Centres (IJHCC)

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Roman Catholic Prison Ministry (RCPM)

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Every year, Caritas Singapore assesses the needs of its member organisations to fund programmes that serve our brothers and sisters in need. Our grant allocation takes into consideration funding gaps for underserved needs, the social mission organisation’s funding priorities, and the effectiveness and measurable impact of the charity’s programmes and services. All grant distribution decisions are announced in our annual report.