Principles of Service

Each of the organisations in the Social Mission Family is encouraged to adopt these Principles of Service.

The Principles of Service are guided by Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic ethos, and are true to the Catholic practice of the virtue of charity.

Serving in a manner that upholds Dignity

The design and provision of services and all processes involved should be done or organised in a way that preserve or enhance the dignity of those being served. People providing such services must not be patronising or condescending and those being served should not be made to feel as if people are doing them a favour.

Choice and Participation

Those being served and/or their families or caregivers should have a choice of services that they will receive and participate in making that choice with the relevant information.

Personal and Family Responsibility

Those being served and/or their families or caregivers should tap on their resources and strengths where possible and take responsibility for the outcome of services that they seek and receive.

Balance between longer term improvement and shorter term relief

Services should be designed to address immediate needs as well as longer term sustained improvement in the lives of those being served. There needs to be a good balance between the two.

Empowering rather than creating dependency

Services, programmes and any direct help provided to those in need should empower them to take responsibility and where possible reintegrate into society rather than foster a culture of dependency in them that keeps them in the poverty trap.