Catholic Family Life (CFL)

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CFL transparentCatholic Family Life’s (CFL) mission is to form, empower and restore individuals, married couples and families in every stage of life so all may flourish in the intimate love of God. Through their programmes and services, they will continue to promote the dignity of all individuals and families, and remind all of the true identity as Children of God, and to go forth and be visible signs of God’s love to the world. 

CFL’s main programmes/services are available to all, regardless of race, language and religion. They are: 

  • Marital and Family Therapy working with individuals, couples, and families  
  • Children & Adolescence Therapy Services  supporting parents and their children through stages and challenges in life
  • Pregnancy Crisis & Support – supporting women with unplanned pregnancies
  • Educational programmes for teens and parents
  • Joyful Parenting – workshops on do’s and don’ts during pregnancy, pre- and post-natal well-being, and a support hotline for early parenting and breastfeeding moms
  • Rachel’s Vineyard Singapore – weekend retreat programme for healing the pain of abortion 

CFL works closely with its affiliates and partners to promote family life and enhance family relationships. Collectively, and in support of each other, they help form, empower and restore individuals and families who can then develop into communities of life and love that guard, reveal and communicate the love of God.  These affiliates and partners include: 

  • Beginning Experience 
  • Choice 
  • Couple Empowerment Programme 
  • Couples for Christ 
  • Engaged Encounter 
  • Marriage Preparation Course 
  • Natural Family Planning 
  • Pieta 
  • Retrouvaille 
  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter 
  • Couple Mentor Journey 
  • Catholic Divorce Support Group

Catholic Family Life (CFL)
2 Highland Road #01-03
Singapore 549102

Telephone: 6488 0278
Email: [email protected] 

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