Making a Donation


Each Lent, through Charities Week, Caritas Singapore collects donations to enable our Catholic charities to help the poor and marginalised we journey with, giving hope to those who depend on the generosity of others like you. For many vulnerable and marginalised persons, trying to lead a dignified life with sufficient essential goods is challenging. With the global economy being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, it only gets much harder.

Your support helps a diverse group of marginalised brothers and sisters including low-income families, children, youths-at-risk, elderly, the incarcerated, people with life-limiting illnesses, those with physical disabilities, people with mental health problems, migrant workers and those with legal and medical needs.

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Donations of $10 and above are eligible for 250% tax deduction. The deduction will be automatically included in your tax assessment if you have given your NRIC/FIN/UEN.

How to donate?

Donate by Cheque
Write a cheque payable to “Caritas Singapore”, and drop the appeal envelope (available at all parishes) into your parish donation box or you can download the appeal form here and mail it to: 
55 Waterloo Street #08-01
Catholic Centre,
Singapore 187954

Alternatively, you can email
[email protected] to request for an envelope to be mailed to your house.

Donate by Cash
Drop the appeal envelope in your parish donation box with your cash donation.

Alternatively, you can email
[email protected] to request for an envelope to be mailed to your house.

Charities Week Appeal Envelopes
You can get your envelopes from your parish, download the form here or email
[email protected] to request for an envelope to be mailed to your house. 

Donate Online
Click here to use your Credit Card to donate on

Donate Monthly
Click here for monthly donations online. Alternatively, you can download the GIRO form here for your monthly donation.

Legacy Giving
Click here if you would like to donate by leaving a legacy to Caritas Singapore or any of the organisations that Caritas supports.

Frequently Asked Questions on Donations

  1. Are my donations to Caritas Singapore tax deductible? 
    A: Yes, donations to Caritas Singapore will qualify for 250% tax deduction. You do not need to declare the donation amount in your income tax return. Tax deductions for qualifying donations will be automatically reflected in your tax assessments based on the information from Caritas Singapore. All individuals and businesses are required to provide their identification number (e.g. NRIC/FIN/UEN) when making donations to Caritas Singapore in order to be given tax deductions on the donations.
  2. Can I donate using PayNow or PayLah! or Telegraphic transfer?
    Currently, we only accept online donations via However, we may explore these platforms in the future.

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