Catholic Architectural Guild (CAG)

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Catholic Architectural Guild (CAG) is a lay apostolate that consists of Catholics in the Architectural industry. Under the guidance of the Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore, the members’ vocation is rooted in the following objectives:

1) Promote the application of Catholic ethos in the work ethics of the architectural community;

2) Support members in finding their vocation in the architectural community by living their faith at work;

3) Promote the Catholic faith through the appreciation of Catholic church architecture;

4) Provide guidance to the Archdiocese in the development of their buildings;

5) Assist communities in need through our domain knowledge and charism.

Their hope is that through these objectives, we will be able to play a part in upholding the dignity of God’s creation and look forward to collaborating with like-minded groups and individuals towards the same goals.

Caritas Singapore assesses the needs of our charity member organisations to fund programmes that serve our brothers and sisters in need.

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