What’s On during Phase 3

To ensure the safety of our service users, volunteers and staff, face-to-face programmes and services within the Caritas Singapore family are limited. Note: Most programmes remain online.

Click on the link below to access resources, register for a programme, and refer someone you know to services and programmes offered by the Caritas Singapore family.


My Personal Moral Compass 2021 – Module 4 | July

Caritas Singapore – Agape Village | Monthly Mass | (TBC)


From 17 – 31 May | SSVP Shop is closed due to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)


From 19 May | All ACMI classes and registrations suspended until further notice


Saturday, 29 May | Join Boys’ Town Fostering Service & Home For Good – SG for a Fostering Tea session


Saturdays, starting 29 May | Breathing Space – group therapy programme for individuals with anxiety

Tuesdays, starting 1 June | Clarity Singapore’s 6 BRAVE CHATS about Catholic youth mental health

15 June | The Incredible Years® Small Group Dinosaur Programme (Child Therapy) Run 2 – Registration open till 7 June

Career Counselling for PMEs by Catholic Business Network is now available via Zoom

Catholic Family Life is counting on you to share how they can support you and your family better.

Catholic Lawyers Guild Weekly Pro Bono Legal Clinic continues to operate virtually


Clarity Singapore’s What’s The Tea with OCD programme – May/ June

Hang Out with Clarity Singapore for Youth and Adult

SSVP Shop – Are you Looking for a Café Space?

Grief Matters – A Movement by Montfort Care


My Personal Moral Compass – Module 3: Christian Morality

Caritas Singapore – Agape Village | Monthly Mass


Saturday, 24 Apr | Boys’ Town Fostering Info-sharing Session


20 Apr | Boys’ Town YouthReach Pro Workshop Series – Interviewing Skills for Youths


27 Apr | Boys’ Town YouthReach Pro Workshop Series – Workspace Grooming for Youths


5 May to 16 Jun | Clarity Singapore – In Your Hands community for those on a recovery journey from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


9 – 30 May | ACMI Abundant & Better Life Abroad (AbBA) – Values Formations programme for migrants.




Mar to Apr | ACMI Wellness Programmes for Migrants

2021-2022 Enrolment | Canossaville Preschool


17 Mar | Clarity Singapore – Better and Happier UPlif

19 Mar | CHARIS – Bio-Char Workshop, A sharing on constructing a Bio-Char filter

23 Mar | Clarity Singapore – Let’s Talk: Series on IG LIve

23 Mar | Catholic Family Life – Sharing Sexuality with your Child

29 Mar | Boys’ Town Clinical Intervention Centre – For Trauma-Informed Care Talk


7 Apr | Clarity Singapore – Better and Happier UPlife #3


23 Feb, 2 Mar, 29 Mar | Boys’ Town – Enhancing Safety and Resilience in Children, Youth and the People Around Us Talk

26 Feb | Catholic Family Life – Lets Talk! Managing Marital Conflicts & Their Legal Impacts 


27 Feb | Catholic Business Network – My Journey Series with Dr James Lam

Feb to Mar | ACMI – Wellness Programmes for Migrants

3 Mar | Clarity Singapore – Better and Happier UPlif programme

Starting 6 Mar | Clarity Singapore – Breathing Space, group therapy programme for individuals with anxiety

6 Mar | Catholic Business Network – CBN Connect Industry Networking Event Series 3

Starting 9 Mar | Clarity Singapore – BLOOM, a psycho-educational group programme

20 Mar | Catholic Business Network – Lenten Retreat 2021, Igniting Faith @ Work



Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre | Give A Voice 2020/2021

Canossaville Children & Community Services | How a Deaf Child Found Her Voice

Clarity Singapore – What’s The Tea with OCD programme – May/ June

Morning Star Community Services | Partners with IMDASG @ Lab.On.Wheels

Boys’ Town YouthOutreach – Resume Writing Workshop

Boys’ Town Fostering Services | Activities to do with your foster child


Boys Town Adventure Centre

Clarity Singapore | Communications Intern position available

Clarity Singapore – Youth Hang Out, Adult Hang Out Sessions

Catholic Family Life – Why do children want parents to talk to them about Sexuality?

Catholic Family Life – What is your parenting style?

Catholic Business Network – Career Counselling for PMEs

Every Sundays | St Vincent de Paul – SSVP Shop Sundays with Fr Vaz


ACMI – Migrant Helpline