My Personal Moral Compass Course 2021

By Rev. Fr David Garcia, OP

The My Personal Moral Compass Course (MPMC) is for all Catholics and all people of goodwill interested in formation in the foundations of Ethics and Moral Theology. The objective of this course is for participants to understand and to articulate the fundamentals of moral thinking with greater clarity.

My Personal Moral Compass 2021 Posters

It is a one-year-long systematic course in Moral Theology consisting of 6 individual modules. The modules are:
Module 1.  Who decides what is right or wrong? 
Module 2.  Becoming Persons
Module 3.  Christian Morality
Module 4.  Integrating Faith and Life
Module 5
Ethics of Love, Sex and Marriage
Module 6.  Stewards of Life

There is no prerequisite for application to the modules. All participants are welcome. Where places are limited, priority will be given to those who are actively forming others; to this end, endorsement from the relevant parish priest or leader in the parish or diocesan community / ministry / organisation will count toward this consideration.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Module 1 will be conducted online. The conduct of Modules 2 to 6 will be advised later.

My Personal Moral Compass 2021 Module 1

If you are a registered participant, please click here to access the lessons.

Should you be interested to join this programme, kindly email us at [email protected] to register.
Please provide: a) your Name (including Surname), b) email contact, c) Mobile number and the module(s) you wish to attend.

Refer to My Personal Moral Compass Course Guide 2021 for more information and details.