We Are Stewards of The Earth

Let's protect our common home!

It is heartening and fortunate that Singapore is taking climate issues seriously. Just recently, the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) launched Climate Action Week, a series of ground-up initiatives on 15 Aug 2020, partnering with individuals, and private and public sectors to raise broader awareness in sustainability and climate issues.

As climate change will be a long drawn and ongoing issue for many generations, every person has a part to play. No matter how big or small the contribution, the responsibility lies in each one of us. Most importantly, it is one of the principles of our Catholic Social Teaching on ‘Dignity of Creation’ on how we treat God’s creation and how we use it. Are we being responsible stewards of the Earth entrusted to us by God?

Caritas Singapore organised a roundtable on ‘Heal Our Home’ on 14 August 2020 with four expert speakers from diverse background to share on the causes and impact of climate change; and what we as an individual, a family or as an organisation, can do to address and mitigate it.

So, what is the next step? What are we going to do after knowing the causes and impact of climate change? What is our role as Catholics in responding to this crisis?

As a child of God, I have always tried putting others before me because God loves me first. As I am enjoying the peace, living in disaster free country, I ask myself what I can do to help my brothers and sisters who are living in disaster-stricken countries facing flood, drought, loss of homes and even death due to disaster? God’s greatest commandment ‘’Love one another as I love you” makes me rethink every action and decision I make in changing my lifestyle.

I started with extensive reading on climate issues about seven years ago, and have been earnestly doing what I can, little by little to reduce my carbon footprint so that I do not add more than what is unavoidable. I share with others and encouraged them to reduce their carbon footprint. It is undoubtedly an uphill task even now, as it demands a lifestyle change which translates to deviating from the familiar.

Some ask: how much can one do to contribute in reducing the carbon footprint? And I quote, a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.

We learn from one another on how to reduce carbon footprint. There are many things we can do and it is not difficult, but just a shift of mindset.

If you wish to know how you can reduce your carbon footprint, click here to find out more.

Join me as a steward of the Earth. #CaritasSGHealOurHome

Eve Ong is part of the Parish Engagement Team at Caritas Singapore. She is a passionate environmental advocate who has a great love for God and His creation.