Caritas Singapore Roundtable VI: Heal Our Home

Caritas’ work is inspired by Catholic Social Teaching (CST). The Dignity of Creation, one of the principles of CST, reminds us that we are all stewards of the Earth.  

Responding to Pope Francis’ call to Care for Our Common Home, Caritas Singapore spearheaded a Care for Creation project in 2019. And Caritas aims to lead by example by raising awareness, and encouraging and supporting the Caritas Singapore family towards eco-friendly practices that reduce our carbon footprint.

In organising this roundtable, Caritas hopes to engage and mobilise the community as we are all stewards of the Earth.

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This roundtable is part of our efforts to raise awareness about global climate emergency, causes and impact of climate change in Singapore, and what individuals and organisations can do to address climate change.

Topics discussed at the Roundtable: 

1) The Global Climate Emergency: What Everyone Needs To Know
2) Charting a Sustainable Future for Singapore – Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change
3) Effect of Energy Consumption on Environment: Impact for Singapore and What Can We Do?
4) Sustainability at Source X Sustainability Lifestyle

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