Charities Week 2020

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges, it has also allowed the Catholic spirit to shine. An outpouring of community support came from individual donors, corporates, and community organisations to support the work to empower the vulnerable and marginalised who live among us. 

Caritas Singapore has been blessed with the overflow of generosity of our current and new donors this year. The total amount raised during Charities Week 2020 has increased by about 6.7 per cent from 2019. We raised $7.37M for Charities Week, truly a reflection of the charitable nature of many Catholics, who are still willing to donate even more during this pandemic. 

During this pandemic, many more people will seek support as new concerns emerge. The blessing of donations will fund the work of the Caritas Singapore family, ensuring that our clients receive the necessary physical, emotional, and mental support, especially during these uncertain times. 

Recognising and appreciative of the community for stepping up to donate generously, Christine Wong, Executive Director said, “The charitable spirit of our Catholic family inspires us to work harder to reach out to those seeking help during this crisis, and to journey with them to empowerment. Thank you for sharing God’s love and blessings!” 

Our Caritas Singapore family is encouraged by the community spirit shown by our faithful from all walks of life pitching in to support in their own way. This pandemic has not dampened our spirit of caring and compassion, and instead it has brought out the best in our Catholic faith.  

It is important that we also focus on the needs beyond COVID-19 as well; we need sustained support so that our Caritas Singapore family can continue to deliver critical services, as well as meet the current and emerging needs of our community. 

Click here for the breakdown of funds received.
(Updated as of 28 Oct 2020).