Member Organisations Initiatives

Catholic Family Life

At CFL, they strive to be environmentally friendly by utilising expired face masks to clean their whiteboards, glass, and windows. Additionally, they conserve energy by only operating 50% of their air conditioning units during office hours and turning off lights and air conditioning after using counseling rooms. 

In addition to these efforts, CFL has implemented other green projects such as recycling printed flyers into file dividers instead of purchasing new ones, using shredded paper for flower arrangements, and encouraging staff members to bring their own lunches in reusable containers and thermal flasks, and using biodegradable and environmentally friendly garbage bags.

Marymount Centre

A group of around 20 residents from Marymount Centre participated in a beach cleanup organised in collaboration with Caritas Singapore. Despite the rain, they had a great time and managed to collect a bag of trash.

Mount Alvernia Hospital, Saint Anne Mother & Child Centre (SAMCC)

The SAMCC has a new canteen for both Mount Alvernia Hospital and Assisi Hospice staff. To reduce waste, all staff bring their own containers for takeaways. The Saint Anne Mother & Child Centre is a 10-storey building on the Mount Alvernia Hospital campus. It provides services such as pediatrics, maternity care, health screenings, and dietetics to support families and their members of all ages.

On 9 June 23, Cardinal William Goh blessed the centre in the presence of around 120 guests from the diocese, CHCA Stewards, mission partners, board members, and staff. The building is a Green Mark (Platinum) building, designed to be both energy and water-efficient, with environmental controls that will help the hospital maintain sustainability in its operations in the future. Additionally, the centre strives to use environmentally friendly products as much as possible, demonstrating its commitment to caring for our shared home, "Our Common Home."

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mount alvernia byo container

Catholic Welfare Services – St Joseph’s Home

As part of SJH’s ongoing efforts to encourage their staff to become more responsible stewards of our resources, they took a trip to the Energy Plant located in Keppel Tuas. During the hour-long tour, the team gained valuable insight into how waste is segregated and treated, while also getting a firsthand look at the innovative technologies utilised by the plant. Their visit was eye-opening for some of the staff members, who were surprised to learn about the amount of waste produced in Singapore. In light of this experience, they plan to organise a trip to Semakau landfill toward the end of the 2023 Season of Creation as part of their continued efforts to promote sustainability.

Society of Saint Vincent De Paul (SSVP)

The "Upcycled with Love" campaign, initiated by volunteers, aims to give a new life to donated items at the SSVP Shop and promote a circular economy. By using neckties to create unique products, these signature items can be found at various SSVP shops and pop-up stores in some parishes. The revenue generated from this initiative goes towards helping more than 3,200 underprivileged and vulnerable individuals in Singapore. Upcycled items are gaining popularity as people are becoming more environmentally conscious. Finding an item that can be reused not only reduces waste but also prevents it from ending up in a landfill. As Sylvia, an SSVP Shop volunteer, says, "When people find an item that they love and can reuse, it's one less item that gets wasted or put in a landfill."