Caritas Singapore Efforts

Washing Ministry

Our organisation has implemented the use of reusable cutlery and established a Washing Ministry to support our members organisations, parishes, and others who require catering services for their events. We possess a total of 300 sets of cutleries, which we use at large-scale events instead of using disposables.

Our dedicated volunteers wash and dry the cutlery after each event, ensuring that it is always in pristine condition for the next occasion. This year, we have seamlessly supported events catering to groups ranging from 12 to 150 people. Our efforts have sparked meaningful reflection on waste generation and the crucial role of simple changes in protecting our environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

Rooftop Gardening and Edible Plants at Caritas Agape Village

We teamed up with Agritisan to launch our rooftop project at Agape Village in July 2023. Our goal was to cultivate vegetables using "Food-Pod" towers. Agritisan provides educational opportunities such as lessons, workshops, and activities centered around sustainable agriculture.

After two harvests in September, we harvested 2.5 kilograms of Red Spinach and Bak Choi on the 14th, and 579 grams of Brazilian Spinach on the 21st. Our staff had the chance to take home the produce and prepare healthy and delicious meals. This initiative has benefited not only our staff, but also schools, member organisations, and other groups who have gained valuable knowledge through this hands-on harvesting experience.

Caritas Singapore’s First Tree Planting Event

On September 16th, more than 65 individuals took part in a tree-planting activity. A total of 70 Asian and Singapore-native trees were planted, including the Mangosteen tree (Garcinia Cowa), Island Lychee (Pometia Pinnata), and Butterfly host tree (Diospyros Buxifolia). Our sponsor, the National Parks Board, provided the trees and supported our volunteers throughout the planting process. Our member organisations, families, parishioners, and representatives from different Laudato Si’ parish ministries all participated in digging, planting, and watering the new trees. Their contributions will help to improve air quality and regulate temperatures in the future.

Beach Cleanups

We responded to the call of Laudato Si' Cry to the Earth by holding two cleanup sessions at Pasir Ris Park on June 18th and July 1st. Marine waste and littering are major causes of marine debris and beach waste, which have harmful effects on marine and terrestrial life, as well as human beings.

A total of 55 attendees from various Parishes, Member Organisations, the public, and our Creation (C4C) network. As a result of this initiative, participants gained knowledge on the negative impact of plastics on marine and terrestrial life, the importance of regular beach cleanup activities in maintaining a safe and clean environment, and how to properly collect, categorise, and identify different types of waste. This was a valuable opportunity to appreciate the beach and reflect on solutions to reduce waste and consumption.

Advocacy during the Season of Creation 2023

During our Season of Creation in 2023, we introduced our social media campaign which aimed to highlight the efforts of various parishes, schools, and member organisations in following Laudato Si's teachings and encourage others to join in preserving God's creation.

We also participated in the "Faith Perspective" radio show on Catholic Radio, where we discussed the significance of the Season of Creation and encouraged others to participate in initiatives related to caring for our shared home in Singapore.

C4C Awareness Talks & Networking

We've held informative talks about Laudato Si’ and Climate Change for parishes, schools, and organisations. As a result, some have established their own Laudato Si' ministries, such as Saint Bernadette, Saint Vincent de Paul, Nativity, and San Francis Xavier parishes. Additionally, we took part in the online Global Awareness closing event, organized by Caritas International, during the Integral Ecology Initiative session. We had the opportunity to discuss our Caritas Singapore efforts regarding Laudato Si’. Our goal in creating the C4C Network is to encourage engagement and collaboration among parishes, schools, and member organisations in their Laudato Si’ efforts. Over 90 participants from nearly 23 parishes have agreed to join the Care for Creation Network, following previous encounters and networking sessions.