Environmental Sustainability

1. About

In response to Pope Francis’ call to Care for Our Common Home 5 years ago, Caritas Singapore embarked on the Care for Creation journey. Leading by example through raising awareness, encouraging and supporting the Caritas Singapore family towards eco-friendly practices, Caritas hopes to also mobilise the community to be effective stewards of the Earth.

During Laudato Si’ Week in May, Pope Francis asked, “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who will come after us?” Watch it here.

2. What We Do

We conduct a range of activities from upcycling workshops, awareness campaigns, to roundtables. Below are some highlights of our journey so far!

Upcycling Workshop (Aug 2022): Taught participants how to make a stationery holder using everyday household items.

Climate Action Conference, in collaboration with Church of St Ignatius (Nov 2021): To raise awareness in protecting the integral ecology of God’s creation from further climate damage.

#CaritasSGHealOurHome (Jun – Jul 2020): Online campaign to raise awareness of the causes and impact of our current lifestyle.

Laudato Si’ Week (May 2020): Online celebration as part of a global Catholic movement encouraging everyone to reflect, pray, and create a more sustainable tomorrow. For more information, visit here.

Heal Our Home Roundtable (Aug 2020): Online roundtable that brought together various people to discuss on environmental issues and learn how to be effective stewards of the Earth. For more information, visit here.

Pulau Semakau Educational Visit (23 Nov 2019): Awareness and education on waste management.

Caritas Washing Team (Oct 2019 – Feb 2020): Provided reusable cutleries for Catholic organisations and Parish events to create awareness and reduce carbon footprint before the pandemic.

Caring for Our Common Home Newsletter (Sep 2019): A special edition on Caring for our Common Home e-newsletter to raise awareness on our role as Steward of the Earth. For more information, visit here.

3. Partner Us

Tackling climate change requires a whole-of-society approach. Do get in touch with us at [email protected] to explore collaboration opportunities. Below are some partnerships we are open to:

  • Volunteer: We are looking for volunteers to help conduct outreach activities to our local communities to help raise awareness about climate change.
  • Training: We welcome volunteer trainers who can conduct eco-friendly enrichment workshops to the public.
  • Gifting: We are also looking for sponsorships for our environmental sustainability activities.

4. Resources

Educational Materials
These posters are available for non-commercial use. If you use them, please credit and link to this page –

Water 1
Water 2
Plastic 1
Plastic 2
Food inforgraphic Data 1 1
Food inforgraphic TakeAction 3 1
Electricity inforgraphic Data 1 1
Electricity inforgraphic TakeAction 1 1
Clothing 1
Clothing 2
Poster 01
Poster 02
Poster 04
Poster 03
Poster 05
Poster 09
Poster 08
Poster 07
Poster 06
Poster 10

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