2007 Catholic News

Issue: 10
Why work matters: It makes human beings holy (Principle of the Dignity of Work Part 1), The secret to becoming a ‘practising Catholic’, Refugees get a lifeline
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Issue: 9
are in this together, it’s in our DNA!, Reach out and help this
Advent, Who is my neighbour?

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Issue: 8
God wants Earth’s resources to be enjoyed by
all (Principle of the Universal Destination of Goods), Care and shelter for those with HIV, Many need help. Are we
doing enough?

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Issue: 7
Seek solutions for the good of all (Principle
of the Common Good, 5 weekends, 20 parishes… 1,000 NEW VOLUNTEERS)

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Issue: 6
Don’t sit back, participate! (Principle of Participation), Ask
hard questions now, avoid divorce later (Marriage Preperation Course),
Communicate, communicate, communicate!

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Issue 5:
All of us need space and support to grow (Principle of Subsidiarity), Family
miracles do happen, at Morning Star and Looking for a lookout

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Issue 4:
Hey, we’re human… we need to come together (Principle of Association), We are parts of His body, Marine Parade FSC helps families, young and old
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Issue 3:
There is no such thing as an unimportant person (Dignity of the Human Person), Making a difference, A friend to foreign workers
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Issue 2:
The human person is what matters most (Dignity of the Human Person), The V-Spirit, Live 0ur faith, love and serve
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Issue 1:
Living our social mission, Principles of our Social Teachings, CSCC – What’s that?, Be a sign to the world
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