Living Our Faith in Community Workshop

By Fr David Garcia, OP

12 Living Out Faith in Community Workshop 16 Sep

How do we make sense of our daily challenges through the eyes of faith?

This workshop helps existing communities that meet regularly to grow, live and express their faith in their daily encounters with others.

The workshop, underpinned by CST, serves to provide an understanding of the need to integrate faith and life. Thus offering communities an insight into how to live their vocation as builders of the Kingdom of God. Issues discussed range from family life to international development, understanding poverty and managing wealth, consumerism, being stewards of the environment, the rights of workers, and dignity of work.

Target Audience
Catholic faith communities who meet regularly need to attend as a group (min. 5 people, considerations could be made for slightly smaller groups).

$10 per person. Additional Love Offering is welcomed.

For more information
Contact the Formation Secretariat at 6338 3448 during office hours or email [email protected].