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CSCC has a dedicated page in the Hai Sing Pao featuring the Church’s social teachings and other CSCC matters. Check these links for more details.

SSVP members reach out to the poor (Society of St Vincent de Paul)
2010/05/23 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.21MB

SSVP members reach out to the poor (Society of St Vincent de Paul)
2010/05/23 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.21MB

For whom the bells toll (Climate Justice Series)
2010/05/23 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.21MB

SSVP members reach out to the poor (Society of St Vincent de Paul)
2010/05/23 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.21MB

Elderly and retirees learn about ageing issues
2010/03/28 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.21MB

Papal Letter Simplified – What we can learn from the global crisis
2010/03/28 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.21MB

The Prosperity Gospel
2010/01/31 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.21MB

Secular and Religious Ideas – Rules of Engagement
2009/08/11 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.35MB

Catholics begin to take note of the Church’s social teachings (Launch of Salt of the Earth Chinese version)
2009/08/11 | Hai Sing Pao | 900KB

We are Salt and Light
2009/08/11 | Hai Sing Pao | 0.99MB

Being a friend in need
2009/07/28 | Hai Sing Pao | 997KB

Aware and the Principle of Participation
2009/07/14 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.38MB

Doing little things daily with great love
2009/06/30 | Hai Sing Pao | 931KB

Dying Well
2009/06/16 | Hai Sing Pao | 928KB

Why we need to support Catholic charities
2009/05/19 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.21MB

Catholic charities: What makes us different
2009/04/21 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.66MB

Why do we do charity?
2009/04/07 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.23MB

Archbishop’s Message at Easter
2009/04/07 | Hai Sing Pao | 968KB

Do you know the social teachings? Try this quiz, principles of Catholic social teachings
2009/03/24 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.59MB

Unlocking the Church’s best kept secrets
2009/03/10 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.42MB

Your attitude to work tells a lot about you
2009/02/24 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.28MB

Journeying in Lent with Our Faithful God
2009/02/24 | Hai Sing Pao | 522KB

Archbishop’s Message for Lent
2009/02/24 | Hai Sing Pao | 716KB

Civil society: Towards the Common Good
2008/01/27 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.15MB

Financial turmoil: A time to dig deeper and help others, acts29: a small group with big plans (Dignity in the Home Programme)

| Hai Sing Pao | 1.15MB

Help your maid to grow and learn new skills (Dignity in the Home Programme)
2008/11/18 | Hai Sing Pao | 990KB

Archdiocese launches Catholic business network
2008/11/18 | Hai Sing Pao | 993KB

If you have a maid, pay her fairly and on time (Dignity in the Home Programme)
2008/11/04 | Hai Sing Pao | 910KB

New name makes CSCC part of world body: Caritas Singapore Community Council
2008/10/21 | Hai Sing Pao | 719KB

Your maid needs a day off, just like you (Dignity in the Home Programme)
2008/10/21 | Hai Sing Pao | 950KB

When you take a maid into your home…give her proper meals and her own space, too (Dignity in the Home Programme)
2008/10/07 | Hai Sing Pao | 927KB

How to get a good maid: Teach, nurture and show you care (Dignity in the Home Programme)
2008/09/23 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.23MB

Does your maid work with dignity? (Dignity in the Home Launch)
2008/09/09 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.09MB

Help your maid to beat the culture shock (Prelude to Dignity in the Home Programme)
2008/08/26 | Hai Sing Pao | 951KB

Social realities, Catholic response
2008/08/26 | Hai Sing Pao | 827KB

Salt of the Earth: Your study guide on the Church’s social teachings
2008/08/12 | Hai Sing Pao | 82KB

Catholic Nurses Guild: Extending beyond God’s care and love beyond the hospitals
2008/08/12 | Hai Sing Pao | 849KB

$4.36m raised from Charities Week 2008
2008/08/12 | Hai Sing Pao | 475KB

Try a little kindness today (Dignity in the Home Programme)
2008/08/12 | Hai Sing Pao | 973KB
You can make a difference, Catholic social teachings: The basic principles
2008/02/26 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.51MB

Ma Jie: My maid, my family (Prelude to Dignity in the Home Programme)
2008/07/15 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.20MB

We are all foreigners on our way
2008/06/17 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.25MB

Why charity and justice must go together
2008/06/03 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.00MB

Do your part to bridge the income gap
2008/05/20 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.38MB

Chance to learn more about one of the church’s best kept secrets
2008/04/22 | Hai Sing Pao | 657KB

It’s more than just ‘reduce, reuse, recycle (Principle of the Dignity of Creation)
2008/02/12 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.04MB

Message of the Archbishop for Lent 2008
2008/01/29 | Hai Sing Pao | 559kb

Our Social Teachings: Respect the dignity of all workers (Principle of the Dignity of Human Work Part 2)
2008/01/15 | Hai Sing Pao | 979kb

Our Social Teachings: Why work matters: It makes human beings holy (Principle of the Dignity of Human Work Part 1)
2008/01/01 | Hai Sing Pao | 923kb

Our Social Teachings: God intended for the earth’s resources to be enjoyed by everyone. We’re in this together, it’s in our DNA! (Principle of Solidarity)
2007/12/18 | Hai Sing Pao | 944kb

Our Social Teachings: God intended for the earth’s resources to be enjoyed by everyone (Principle of the Universal Destination of Goods)
2007/12/04 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.10MB

Our Social Teachings: Seek Solutions for the good of all (Principle of the Common Good)
2007/11/20 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.04MB

Our Social Teachings: Don’t sit back, participate! (Principle of Participation)
2007/10/23 | Hai Sing Pao | 1.05MB

Live our Faith – Love and Serve
2007/10/23 | Hai Sing Pao | 754kb

Our Social Teachings: All of us need space and support to grow
2007/10/09 | Hai Sing Pao | 927kb

Our Social Teachings: Hey, we’re human…we need to come together
2007/09/25 | Hai Sing Pao | 984kb

There is no such thing as an unimportant person (Dignity of the Human Person)
2007/09/11 | Hai Sing Pao | 343kb

The Human Person is what matters most (Dignity of the Human Person)
2007/08/28 | Hai Sing Pao | 318kb

Principles of Our Social Teachings
2007/08/14 | Hai Sing Pao | 3MB