Formation Programmes & Workshops

1. Workshop on Catholic Social Teaching

By Fr David Garcia, OP

CST Workshop

Are you aware of the Catholic Social Teaching of the Church?

These workshops give participants an overview of the main concepts of the Catholic Social Teaching (CST) as well as the basic foundations of Moral Theology. Concepts include: Human Dignity, Principle of Subsidiarity, Work, and Economy. The workshop will also include group discussions and the application of the concepts to life situations and real-world examples.

Target Audience: General

Catholic Social Teaching workshop details here.
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2. Agape Experience

By Rev Msgr John-Paul Tan, OFM, JCL, Staff of Caritas Singapore and Volunteers

photo collage AE

What is the connection between the Catholic Social Teaching and our lives?

Agape Experience (AE), a one-day programme for confirmands, introduces the concept of social mission and spirituality. At AE, Catholic youths will be introduced to Caritas’ member organisations and partners, and they will gain an insight into how these organisations work to serve and partner with the vulnerable and marginalised in Singapore. With the addition of a tour around Agape Village and experiential learning activities, the youths are encouraged to think critically and challenged to put their faith in action.

AE, steeped in CST, advocates for youth to live their social mission.

Target Audience: Confirmands and Catechumens of Catholic parishes.

Agape Experience is held on Saturdays.
Contact Thomas: call 6338 3448 (office hours) or email [email protected].

3. Building the Kingdom Together Workshop

By Fr David Garcia, OP

building the kingdom for leaders jul 17

Do we know how our organisation’s mission, processes and work respecting the dignity of each person? Are we applying the principles of CST within our organisation?

These workshops arm participants with knowledge on the main concepts of the CST and time for reflection, sharing and discussion on how to apply these concepts effectively in their respective organisations. Participants walk away with a better understanding of the Principles of Service in the approach to Partnering the Poor.

Target Audience: Caritas Singapore, Member Organisations and Leaders of (Catholic organisations and schools)

Building the Kingdom workshop details here.
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4. Discipleship Retreats

By Msgr Ambrose Vaz

IMG 2764

What does it mean to be a Christian Disciple?

These retreats explore the Biblical perspective of Christian Discipleship, and serve as a preliminary workshop to understanding Christian Servanthood and Commitment as the fundamental tools for Christian Ministry.

Each one-day retreat includes reflections on:
a) The difference between the characteristics of a “Disciple” and “Volunteer” mentality
b) The marks of Servanthood we see in the Bible
c) The nature of Christian Commitment

Target Audience: Board members, committees, staff and volunteers of Caritas Singapore and member organisations

Discipleship Retreat details here.
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5. Living Our Faith in Community Workshop

By Fr David Garcia, OP

12 Living Out Faith in Community Workshop 16 Sep

How do we make sense of our daily challenges through the eyes of faith?

This workshop helps existing communities that meet regularly to grow, live and express their faith in their daily encounters with others.

The workshop, underpinned by CST, serves to provide an understanding of the need to integrate faith and life. Thus offering communities an insight into how to live their vocation as builders of the Kingdom of God. Issues discussed range from family life to international development, understanding poverty and managing wealth, consumerism, being stewards of the environment, the rights of workers, and dignity of work.

Target Audience: Catholic faith communities who meet regularly need to attend as a group (min. 5 people, considerations could be made for slightly smaller groups).

Living Our Faith in Community workshop details here.
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6. My Personal Moral Compass

By Fr David Garcia, OP

thumbnail MPMC Module2

This year-long systematic course in Moral Theology consisting of six modules helps participants gain a better understanding of their moral compass – delving into how they can discern and make life decisions, which in turn, helps them navigate the uncharted roads of their life journeys.

Course Outline
Module 1.  Who decides what is right or wrong?
Module 2.  Becoming Persons
Module 3.  Christian Morality
Module 4.  Ethics of Love, Sex and Marriage
Module 5.  Christians in the Social Community
Module 6.  Stewards of Life

Target Audience: General. Recommended for those involved in guiding and forming others, and those involved in social mission work or ministry.

My Personal Moral Compass 2021 details here.
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7. Review of Life (ROL) Workshop

By Mr Goh Han Serm

Do we struggle with daily challenges? How do we respond in a way that pleases God?

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the Review of Life (ROL) Method as a tool to help integrate faith and life. They will explore the three steps in ROL: “See, Reflect, Act” to discern, reflect and act, and how it applies to life situations. The workshop includes content study, and discussion and practice sessions.

Target Audience: General

Review of Life (ROL) workshop details here.
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8. Small Group Studies on Catholic Social Teaching

Facilitated by Formation Committee Facilitators

IMG 3985
Let’s explore CST with friends!

The two study guides, Salt of the Earth (SOTE) and Labourers of the Harvest (LOTH) cover the 10 principles of CST. Each chapter includes content of social teachings and a guided reflection structure. While SOTE studies social principles one at a time, LOTH takes on a thematic approach (e.g., money matters, work-life balance) which caters to working adults.

Target Audience: General. Recommended for neighbourhood Christian communities, friends at the workplace and parish groups. A donation to Caritas Singapore is welcomed.

Dates, time and venue to be determined by the group and facilitators.
Contact Formation Secretariat: call 6338 3448 (office hours) or email 
fo[email protected].

9. Induction Workshop

By Staff of Caritas Singapore

Getting to know the Caritas Singapore family

This workshop serves as a platform to welcome and induct new staff of Caritas and our member organisations to the social mission of the Church, and provide them an overview of the Caritas Singapore family. It also introduces inductees to the social situation in Singapore, and an overview of CST and the Principles of Service. Included is an orientation of Agape Village and how beneficiaries are helped at our one-stop social service hub.

Target Audience: New staff of Caritas Singapore and member organisations

Contact Formation Secretariat: call 6338 3448 (office hours) or email [email protected].