FAQ on Labourers of the Harvest

Who is it for?
Labourers of the Harvest is specially designed for working adults who struggle with the challenges of integrating their faith into their working lives. All you need is to get together as a group to spend some time reflecting upon and discussing about ‘faith at work’ issues. You may also the Labourers of the Harvest study guide within already existing groups such as:

– RCIA sponsors
– Catechists
– Parish Pastoral Councils (PPC)
– Small Christian Communities
– Social ministries like St Vincent de Paul Society
– Youth and Young Adults ministries

If you currently do not belong to any group, you can alternatively gather together with a few friends or colleagues to use this study guide.

How does it work?
There are a total of 12 sessions. Each session is designed to last for about an hour and 15 minutes. Your group can cover the sessions on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, depending on your preferences. In each chapter, the group follows the readings, reflections, activities, and prayers given in the study guide. The ideal group size is about 7 persons with someone within the group appointed as facilitator. If there are many interested members within your ministry, you may split into 2 or more groupings to use this study guide.

How does this fit together with the Lenten or Advent booklets jointly published by SPI and CSCC?
The Lenten and Advent booklets are for specific periods of the liturgical year. If Lent or Advent should come when you are in the middle of the Labourers of the Harvest study group sessions, your group may wish to focus upon the Lenten or Advent reflections first before returning to Labourers of the Harvest.

How much does it cost?
Labourers of the Harvest is distributed free of charge. (One copy for each person in the group.)

How can my group get copies?
All you need to do is send 1-2 group representatives, preferably those who are going to facilitate your group’s sessions, to attend a briefing on how to use this study guide and collect free copies for the whole group.

Would CSCC come to my parish or group meeting to give a briefing?
Yes, we can come to give you a briefing if you have more than 15 groups who are interested to use the study guide. Please call the CSCC office at 6337-3711 to make the necessary arrangements.

What if I am interested but unable to form a group?
You are invited to attend the briefing as there would also be other individuals who are interested but unable to form a group. At the briefing, you can make arrangements with one another to start a group of your own.

What help does our group get during the sessions?
We provide further references for each session to aid your conduct of Labourers of the Harvest. You can also send an email to [email protected] for any questions or feedback.