Family Life Society (FLS)

Family Life Society (FLS) Mission is to be a ministry that empowers families, strengthens marriages and upholds the dignity of human life.

FLS aims to create positive and hopeful attitudes towards love, marriage, family, and the celebration of life.  FLS strives to nurture, journey and support services and programmes which are pro-life, pro-family, and pro-marriage.  Where possible, FLS collaborates with like-minded individuals and organisations to initiate and reinforce growth among couples and families and preserve the sanctity of the unborn.

FLS’s main programmes/services are:

  • Sexuality education programmes for individuals and couples, including teenagers and parents.
  • Family and marital counselling – for individuals, couples and family members.
  • Pregnancy Crisis Service – for women with unplanned pregnancy.
  • Joyful Parenting – provides workshops on do’s and don’ts during pregnancy, pre & post-natal wellbeing and runs a support hotline for early parenting and breastfeeding moms.
  • Rachel’s Vineyard Singapore –a weekend retreat programme for healing the pain of abortion.

Family Life Society (FLS)
2 Highland Road LG-01
Singapore 549102

Telephone: 6488 0278
Fax: 6285 5311
Email: [email protected]