Catholic Nurses Guild (CNG)

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CNG transparentThis association of nurses promotes professional and spiritual growth of its members, who also participate in many Church activities to help the sick, handicapped and elderly.

The CNG is engaged in the following programmes:

  • Collaborates with Archdiocesan Commission of Pastoral Care for Migrant and Itinerant Workers (ACMI) to provide training on basic care-giving knowledge to foreign domestic workers
  • Provides befriending services to patients with Aids under the Catholic Aids Relief Effort (CARE).
  • Creates awareness about the Natural Family Planning programme (NFP) and to promote sharing and joint responsibilities for family planning.
  • Provides medical & first aid coverage to churches’ events, masses for the sick and feast day’s celebrations.
  • Assists in free medical clinics conducted by some churches
  • Organises pastoral care workshops for lay people.
  • Participates in pastoral and community outreach programmes towards the sick, disabled and elderly both locally and neighbouring countries.
  • Organises annual retreats and year-end social together for local and foreign nurses

Catholic Nurses Guild (CNG)
c/o CANA
55 Waterloo Street #02-01
Catholic Centre
Singapore 187954

Email: [email protected]

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