CFL Volunteer Recruitment

CFL Pro-Bono Counsellors Recruitment

Mamre Oaks Befriender Volunteer

Catholic Family Life Marcom Volunteer

Volunteer Cooks needed to engage Stay Alone Seniors with GoodLife!@Marine Parade

Tech Savvy Volunteers needed to engage Stay Alone Seniors Online with GoodLife!@Marine Parade

Volunteering with Infant Jesus Homes and Children’s Centres (IJHCC)

Project Fulfilment Support at Hearts@Work

Medical Escorts for Elderly Resident at St Vincent Home

Student Care Helpers at Canossaville Children & Community Services

Volunteers at Boys’ Town (Bukit Timah)

Administrative and Reception Support at Counselling Centre

Befrienders for People With Disabilities (PWDs)

Volunteer for CareNights@Morning Star

Volunteer Trainers to run Skills Development Courses for Foreign Domestic Workers / Spouses

Befriending People Living with HIV/AIDS