Consumerism, speculation, tax evasion and waste are social sins.

The liberal market creates intemperance (imo).

Self-interest is an insufficient basis for the foundation of the economy.

Profit is necessary but insufficient.

The rich should be cautious.

Earn money honestly, spend it responsibly, save it prudentially, invest it wisely, donate it generously, receive it gratefully.

In extreme need one could help himself from the property of others but never steal.

What is mine is truly mine but not exclusively mine because all is for all.

Giving the poor what is needed is justice; neither charity nor generosity.

Money is not morally neutral.

No one should ever be poor.

Money is only a means, not an end.

Wealth is the result of work.

Competition can be constructive, not destructive.

Business can and should be owned by the workers.

The purpose of business is the common good, not profit.