Christian politicians and public servants are obliged to act with Christian conscience.

Church and state must cooperate to pursue the common good.

The people have the right to protect themselves against their governments even with weapons.

The people contribute with obedience and disobedience.

Democracy can become the dictatorship of the majority.

Democracy helps to contribute.

The people have the duty to contribute.

The better world is the world with better people: better people; not with better solutions.

Political authority must operate within the moral law.

Welfare should follow subsidiarity.

The role of the political community is to create conditions for people to develop integrally.

The political community is subordinated to the common good.

The source of political authority lies on the people.

Women should work… because they are different.

Migrants have the right to reunite their families.

Migrants should be treated as nationals.

Everyone should contribute to and benefit from the common good.

The principles of human dignity, association and common good are the basic principles.