Caritas Singapore Community Council Security Policy, Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement for Volunteers

Every volunteer (“Volunteer”) of Caritas Singapore and/ or its member organisations (“the Organisation”) is required to respect and maintain confidentiality of all information, including but not limited to, beneficiary, client, and donor ("Clients") personal information and data; business documents, reports, records, files, to which the Volunteer has access in carrying out his/her responsibilities, duties and/or assignments.This is necessary to ensure that information given to the Organisation is kept strictly confidential and that the integrity of such clients' personal particulars and information entrusted to the Organisation are not compromised. In this regard, we require our Volunteer assisting us to undertake the following:

  1. 1
    not to divulge or use any of the Clients' personal information to any unauthorised third party without the prior consent of the management of the Organisation;
  2. 2
    not to disclose to any unauthorised individuals, confidential information which may come to your knowledge during the course of your engagement in the Organisation;
  3. 3
    not to discuss, disclose, share, release or use any details of the Organisation’s Clients' data to any third party, unless strict prior written consent has been obtained from the party involved, and/or the Organisation; and
  4. 4
    not to duplicate, remove or retrieve, information or documents from the premises or digital sources of the Organisation in any form (printed, photographically, digitally, or any other form or medium) unless strict prior written consent has been obtained from the Organisation.
  5. 5
    All materials designed or created for the Organisation are deemed the property of the Organisation, unless otherwise agreed prior and approved by the management.

Please note that this agreement to preserve as confidential all knowledge, data or proprietary information of the Organisation remains even after you have discharged your responsibilities.