Caritas Singapore Community Council Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Consent for Volunteers

In filling this form, I consent to:

  1. 1
    Caritas Singapore and/ or its member organisations (“the Organisation”) to store, retain, modify, read, retrieve, use, transmit and process my personal data submitted in this form and in the volunteer application form, including the disclosure of my personal data to approved third parties, for the purpose of my volunteering application;
  2. 2
    providing personal data about a third party (e.g. emergency contact person, references, etc) upon request and confirm that I have obtained the consent of such third party for the disclosure of their personal data to the Organisation;
  3. 3
    the Organisation to use my personal data including and not limited to photos/videos taken at the Organisation’s event for their publicity materials; which include and are not limited to:

a. Printed Publications

b. Website

c. Social Media

d. Corporate Videos

  1. 4
    relevant information may be disclosed to the authorities, upon request, or as may be required by applicable law or regulation; and
  2. 5
    receive news and updates (e.g. events and programmes) from the Organisation through your prefered mode of communication.