Canossaville Children and Community Services (CCCS)

Canossaville Children and Community Services presently offers a Special Student Care for primary school children, including those with hearing impairment, learning disabilities and families needing financial assistance.

In response to the changing social landscape, the Canossian Sisters will improve its services for children and families especially from vulnerable and at risk situations.

The Canossian Circle of Care will be established in January 2018 to enable a conducive space for learning, play and formation of the heart. This will include three entities namely:

  • St Magdalene’s Pre-School, an inclusive childcare for mainstream and special needs children, giving priority to needy families.
  • A special Student care with a new curriculum that caters to the young to engage their inquiring minds and develop them into resilient persons.
  • Canossian Child Development Unit, a specialist team consisting of psychologists, social workers and therapists to provide professional support required by children and families.”

Canossaville Children and Community Services                                                       
1 Sallim Road (Gate 3)
Singapore 387621
Telephone: +65 6748 5777 (Administrative Office)
Email: [email protected]