Camino De Singapore

Camino de Singapore is a fortnightly reflection on local news concerning our vulnerable brothers and sisters through the lens of the Catholic faith. It is so named as we are companions on a journey to Christ in Singapore.

The Camino de Singapore team comprises Eve, Gail, Jacob, Jorain, Kelvin, Kieran, Erwin and Thomas.

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Welcoming Our Helper to Our Family

Adding Prevention into the Criminal Justice System

Let’s seek for help

Let’s come together



To be patient and loving


When the Climate Becomes Too Hot

Inequality and the Response of Faith


Let’s respect and affirm each other


Let’s check for each other’s weather


Salary and Dignity


See with love

Let’s close the gap!

What will you do?

Let’s start small but soon


Let’s start early

Let us hope


Going beyond giving

And live what they’ve learned


Will we pay the cost?

Let’s volunteer!

Migrant workers are neighbours too


Let’s remove the stigma

How about some planting?

Work is more than a job

Let’s take care of each other


Let’s support each other

It’s time to act

Loving our children


Let’s find out more and make a choice!

Let’s protect our common home!

Do not be afraid to own it


People are experts in their own lives

Allow each and all to flourish


So let’s show God’s love


Show God’s love


Let’s live out our Christian identity


Let’s do our part

Help should be provided with dignity


Not charity or benevolence, but responsibility

What’s your family response?

Live in the moment


Let’s respect our children


Justice, not Charity


Take climate action today


Co-creating solutions


Take concrete actions