Mamre Oaks Befriender Volunteer

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Charities Week 2023 Parish Breakdown

On behalf of Caritas Singapore, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your contribution towards Charities

Catholic Family Life Marcom Volunteer

Volunteer Title: Marcom Volunteer Location: 2 Highland Road, #01-03, Singapore 549102 Job Type: Volunteer Description:Catholic Family Life assumes

Super-Aged Society as an Invitation

Photo by years ago, Singapore population arrived at the “aged” status, which means that 14% of the

AI Impact on Human Work

Photo by services powered by the latest “artificial intelligence” (AI) have been hitting the news headlines recently.

A Structural Crisis, A Shared Response

Photo by, we hear a lot more about environmental issues in the news. Sometimes we hear about the

God VS Efficiency

Photo by you ever felt frustrated talking to a chatbot trying to do an automated customer service? I

Making a Difference in the Lives of Migrant Workers in Singapore

Making a Difference in the Lives of Migrant Workers in SingaporeMigrant workers have been an integral part of

Beyond the Diagnosis: Empowering Ways to Support Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS

Beyond the Diagnosis: Empowering Ways to Support Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS Living with HIV/AIDS can be an incredibly

Chancery Notice 07 – 23 March 2023

We wish to inform you that by mutual agreement Youthline has ceased to be a member of Caritas

Maximising Your Giving: Understanding How to Claim Tax Relief for Your Donations and Charitable Giving in Singapore

So faith, hope, and love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians

Charities Week 2023

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,Once again, Lent comes to call us to repentance. But this time, it

The Uneven Effects of Inflation

Photo by one of the most persistent issues discussed in news and dinner table conversations today is inflation;

Mental Wellness and Personal Development

Photo by recent times, there is a lot of talk about reducing stigma surrounding mental health issues. However,

The Pitfall of a Four-Day Work Week

There are many things to be grateful for when we look at how far human societies have progressed.

When Parents Discover Their Child’s Disability

A newly minted mother lay on the hospital bed exhausted, having depleted her energy to deliver her child.

Do Serious Mistake Disqualify Access To Sufficient Resources?

Photo by: someone hurts us badly, it is not an easy thing to forgive or to give that

Why Someone Might Flout Covid-19 Rules

Photo by: 2022 begins, we start our third year of living in pandemic times. COVID-19 has made life

No Hope For Progress For Some of Us

Photo by: wants to progress. In fact, it is one of the national goals enshrined in the Pledge.

Welcoming Our Helper to Our Family

Photo by month, we had a new addition to our family. No, it wasn’t a new baby, but

Adding Prevention Into The Criminal Justice System

Photo by, there has been an increasing interest in the criminal justice system, especially with regard to the