Advocacy and Research

The Advocacy and Research Committee is responsible for giving voice to the vulnerable. We advocate with and on behalf of them to encourage change in social norms and mindsets. Our aim is to foster a more caring, compassionate and inclusive society.

Our commitment to advocacy is rooted in our Catholic Charities’ mission, God’s word, and Catholic Social Teaching.

We identify and advocate for the needs of the vulnerable through research, RoundTable discussions with stakeholders, and public education. Figure 1 below provides a visual overview of various vulnerable groups in Singapore.

Fig 1. Infographic of statistics on various vulnerable groups in Singapore

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We conduct research to understand the work of our member organisations and to elucidate under-served needs in the social sector. The research findings will enable the committee to address the gaps of social service support and advise on service positioning for the future.

We also collect data through our Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) – an information base of clients served by member organisations housed at Agape Village.

Breakout discussions on stigma, workplace discrimination and advocacy

Caritas RoundTable

Our RoundTable focuses on under-served social issues faced by vulnerable people in Singapore. It serves as a platform for Caritas Singapore to dialogue and collaborate with non-profit organisations, academia and other institutions seeking to make a difference on pressing social issues regardless of race, religion or other affiliations.

Click here for information on our latest RoundTable.

Public Education

We raise awareness about poverty in Singapore through a public education campaign called ‘Singaporeans Against Poverty’. Launched on 21 October 2013, the campaign calls on the public to act and make a difference in the lives of poor. Click here to watch the campaign videos.

The campaign has since closed as the team will be looking into under-served issues arising from our Caritas Research Study 2018. We also have an active Facebook page to feature local and international stories of individuals and families in need, as well as community initiatives to alleviate poverty.

Be an Advocate

We invite you to join us on this mission to help the vulnerable.

As an Advocate, it is important for you to practice the three-step “See-Judge-Act” guide drawn from the Catholic Social Teaching. This helps you to assess everyday examples of poverty, and to take positive and meaningful action.
(Adapted from the Catholic Social Teaching series – Reading the Signs of the Times).




  • Volunteer with charities working with the vulnerable
  • Take on the $5 Challenge to experience what it is like to live with less and share your experience
    • Spend only $5 and below for a day on food and transport to complete the challenge successfully. You can try this for a day, a week and a month and reflect on the daily struggles of those in need.
  • Go beyond your comfort zone to befriend a low-wage worker and share your experience
  • Get in touch with us at if you have ideas or thoughts on how we can better partner the vulnerable among us

Singaporeans Against Poverty (SGAP) Videos

A series of videos from the SGAP 2013 campaign juxtapose the situations faced by everyday Singaporeans alongside those with low-incomes.